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Jinan umc and automation equipment co., LTD:Mainly engaged in SiemensPLC(S7-200 S7-300/400)、MitsubishiPLC(FX2N  3U) OmronPLC(CP1E CP1H)、The inverter(In Siemens Omron Mitsubishi Danvers ABB )、Servo、Step by step、Touch screen、The configuration and related training of industrial automation products、Technical advisory services and undertake engineering projects。Lianchuang training center is a professional engaged in automationPLCAutomation technology training,Focus on cultivating industrial automation technology。After years of hard work and training experience,Won the praise and support of students。
    Lianchuang automation training:Pay attention to speaking teaching combining with the theory,One to one teaching you personally,Write a program in person,To debug,Let you in the shortest possible time to learn practical automation technology。

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Jinan umc and automation equipment co., LTD


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SiemensS7-300/400 In field 
SiemensplcIn the training class 
MitsubishiPLCThe classroom training 
Jinans7-300In field 
abbThe inverter 
SiemensPLCS7-300In field training equipment 
To state the training equipment industry 
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