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Gongyi nabokov water treatment co., LTD., is specialized in research and development、Production、Sales of water treatment products。Mainly includes:Water treatment and algae fungicidal,The corrosion scale inhibitor series products,Agents have a piece of alkali,Zinc sulfate and other chemical products。
Nabokov pursues“People-oriented,Quality win”Management concept and“Sincerely for the user,Honest services for customers”The aim of the,Summing up experience from practice,Keep moving forward,Continue to improve,For water supply and drainage and environmental causes of the motherland to make our due contribution。Algae fungicidal manufacturer long-term credit units focus on environmental protection field,The company advocates“Professional、Pragmatic、Efficient、Innovation”The spirit of enterprise,With good internal mechanisms。Good working environment and a good incentive mechanism,To attract a batch of high quality、A high level、High efficiency of talents。With perfect technology force and the installation of mature after-sales service team。Our purpose is:“With first-class technical service and sincerity in exchange for your trust and support,Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit,To create a win-win situation!”My company is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life both at home and abroad wholeheartedly,Create a better future![To check the details]


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