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       Ruichang city people's temporal stamping co., LTD is located in jiangxi province city,The jiujiang city in the east,North of hubei province is founded,Highway、Railway、Waterway transportation is very convenient。

       The company through more than 20 years of hard struggle,At present, the company has formed a complete sheet metal stamping production line,With strong technical development capability、Manufacture all kinds of mold production capacity,Has a number of highly qualified management personnel and perfect quality management system。The company production of various specifications and high quality iron pan in addition to domestic sales,Also exported to Europe、U.S. and other international markets,The popular。The company also produces all kinds of high quality automotive stamping parts,Jiangling、Lufeng、Chengdu engine、Baoding Great Wall card、Sichuan open d internal combustion engine suppliers such as supporting the production of various kinds of stamping and welded pieces,Such as bowl plug、Dust cover、Support, etc。In addition to the appropriate company production of form a complete set,Also in the domestic provinces、Make up a significant share of city autonomous region of the auto parts market。

       The company introduced a large number of advanced equipment,Including all kinds of CNC milling machine、Automatic instrument、Plane、Grinding、Drill、Boring lathe、The size of punch。

       Our company has passedTS16949Standard international quality system certification。Over the years has been the Jiangling Motors Corporation, Ltd. Of qualified suppliers,And jiujiang irs granted special tax credit units,Jiujiang city people's government,The communist party of China jiujiang municipal party committee awarded hundreds of key private enterprises。
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Address:Ruichang city in jiangxi province people's north road in China138Number The phone:0792-4226625 0792-4227292 Fax:0792-4221403

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