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  • Long-term planning The category is complete
  • Four-round with real-time monitoring
  • The company13Focus on the tire pressure monitoring,Focus on long-term planning development of tire industry,Omni-directional grasp core technology of the tire pressure,Guide tire industry technology development, Fetal bovine tire pressure product variety is complete
  • Production cengcengbaguan Excellent quality
  • Strict production quality qualified
  • Production process after a senior testing professionals、Using high-precision testing equipment for product cengcengbaguan
  • A two-year warranty,After all
  • Service tracking full improvement
  • PassedISO9001:2000And automotive industry standardsTS16949Quality management system certification,Perfect sales network and market service system and strong technical research and development strength,A two-year warranty,To provide technical support for safe and quick and easy service。

Fetal bovine---13Years of professional precipitation,Nearly20The people
The most soft The hardware The r&d team,Combination
Freescale solutions,Tire pressure Monitoring Transmit the signals
To lose To receive The industry's most stable!

Peace of mind
Fetal bovine---With strong technical strength,0.3%
Defective rate within the control,Basic no superior product
After sales,Do more at ease!

Fetal bovine---Leading the industry technology innovation,The signal
The super sensitive、360°No dead Angle,Sensing
Second dynamic update data!
Energy saving

Fetal bovine---Tire pressure super energy-saving solar energy,Normal
Use, Never charge!

And durable

Fetal bovine---Adopt imported material level gauge、Super
Resistance to high temperature The battery、Ultra high temperature solar panels、
The sensor battery life Long,Very durable!


Fetal bovine---Apply to0-8barThe whole model,-
40~125Degrees over wide temperature sensor,Around the clock
Use environment。

Fetal bovine---Wireless transmission technology,No connection
Loading。The outer Tire pressure after users to buy directly
Loading,Without dynamic balance。 Super energy-saving solar energy
Tire pressure,Without charge,Convenient for the convenience!


Fetal bovine---Focus on the tire pressure monitoring industry13Years,
Is consistent To tire pressure safety and technical innovation
As the first,Casting product excellence Quality,For car owners
Car security escort!

About fetal bovine
  Dongguan sai foot automotive safety technology co., LTD is a professional research and development、Production、Sales car tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS)The high-tech enterprises,Located in the beautiful dongguan songshan lake small enterprises of science and technology pioneer parks,Companies adhering to the customer first,Product excellent management concept。The company has passedISO9001:2000Quality management system audit,And in strict accordance with the system requirements from research and development、Production、Operation each link quality management control;And made a number of tire pressure monitoring products patented technology,Products through the United StatesFCC、The European UnionCE、RoHsAnd the third party inspection authority at home and abroad, such as quality inspection center。 Passing by12Years of efforts to focus on research and development,Now dozens of products,Covers a variety of models,Such as passenger cars at home and abroad,Commercial vehicles、The customer、The truck、Gantry crane and other kinds of vehicles,And in the user's got good feedback in the process of installation and use,At the same time...
TPMSIs car tire pressure real-time monitoring system“Tire Pressure Monitoring System”English abbreviations...
Before starting the status of the tyre。Radial tyre——Low pressure tire is usually said,So long as flat degrees but low...
The inflatable should pay attention to safety。To use the barometer to check air pressure at any time,In order to avoid too many inflatable,The tyre burst。To fill nitrogen tire replacement new content=Comfortable+Fuel efficient action to owners...
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